Learning through imitation

Young children from birth to age seven learn primarily through imitation and purposeful play. Our aim is for children to work, play and learn in a sensory rich environment where educators strive to be worthy of imitation in all they do, nurturing the young child’s sense of wonder for the world. The first seven years lay a strong foundation for all further learning. We aim to provide a warm, respectful and caring Early Childhood environment where a sense of gratitude, love, reverence and a pervading mood of goodness in the work is cultivated.

The task of the education is to create a learning space where children can fully engage in the present and enrich the possibilities of creative, imaginative, self-directed play. The Early childhood environment educates and develops the sense of touch, wellbeing, movement and balance. Once confidence in their physical capacities has been established children are ready to commence the more formal learning of primary school.


Early Childhood
Playgroup is a special place where mothers and children come together and share the experience of being in a community filled with the elements of joy, wonder and learning through the senses.  The morning rhythm arises through the creation of a loving space where song, rhymes, stories and bread-making are experienced together.  

Heightened adult consciousness is encouraged enabling one to learn to read the child in their care before them. Parental support of the playgroup ‘leader’ to hold the rhythm of the morning is of value to all as this creates a living example to take home and follow through thus enabling parenting to flow through song, rhymes and stories, this way parents and children experience the joy of meaningful connections.


At present playgroup is held at the Uniting Church, 5 Nerang River Rd, Nerang each Tuesday from 9.30am to 11.30am. Fee is $5 to cover material costs. Until we can employ a co-ordinator we are run by volunteers Nansi and Zuzana. Once we employ a co-ordinator we plan to hold a gathering on another day and towards the southern end of the Gold Coast.



children learn through playing and doing.



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